Application programming interfaces (APIs) have stirred up a paradigm shift within many organisations, enabling the integration of their core, yet diverse, IT systems, building collaborative and self-service business environments, and deriving new revenue sources from both existing and new IT infrastructure.

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Delightful customer experiences don’t just happen in a finger-snap. Delivering such an experience is a data driven, meticulously planned, imaginatively designed and mindfully delivered exercise. This approach to delivering a delightful customer experience is important. Why? Because there cannot be a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to a delightful customer experience.

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Successful digital transformation requires a data strategy that brings together disparate enterprise data – structured, unstructured and semi-structured – to deliver insights and drive business outcomes.

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Whether you are in retail banking or investment banking, insurance, telecom, media or retail, leveraging DisruptionSuite and our expertise in providing solutions and services will ensure rapid enterprise digital transformation and deployment.


Roberto Salomone, API Program Manager of SRG SSR was delighted with the outstanding commitment and sees DAC as more than just a technology partner. DAC’s quiet demonstration of skills and expertise to deliver gained for DAC, his complete trust.

There was very good and disciplined cooperation between DAC and the employees of SRG SSR. That was the key to the success of this engagement with DAC. The daily tuning, prioritizing, implementing and testing was the morning ritual :-). It was a great experience.

Roberto Salomone | API Program Manager of SRG SSR


Delivery Partner of the Year APAC
Google Cloud 2017

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