Junior DevOps Specialist

Bengaluru, Full Time, 1 - 4 Years
Posted on: August 2019
  • Public Cloud operations on top of multiple providers: Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services
  • Operations on top of Container Orchestration Platforms such as Kubernetes
    • Automation using Kubernetes Controllers and Operators
  • Observability with Prometheus, Grafana, Thanos
  • Cloud Native CI/CD for automation of resilient deployments
  • Automated SQL data plane that’s HA, Resiliency, Zero Data Loss scenario
Required Skill Set
  • Experience with installing, configuring and troubleshooting Linux based environments.
  • Experience with Cloud Provider abstractions: Networking, Virtualization & Security
  • Excellent scripting skills in either of the languages: Bash, Python or Ruby
  • Hands-on programming skills in either Python or Golang
  • Experience with Cloud Orchestration with Terraform
  • Working knowledge of Container technologies & Kubernetes cluster operations