2022-02-04 06:26:28

Open APISandbox Brochure

Accelerate innovation and increase collaboration between 3rd parties and Enterprises by offering production like sandbox[....]

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2022-02-04 05:58:25

One APIMarketplace for Banking – Brochure

An intuitive and fast way for banks and fintechs to setup and deploy a API[....]

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2022-02-02 07:08:28

Staying Ahead of the Open Banking Curve

About Customer Our customer, a leading dynamic challenger bank, wanted to revolutionise retail banking. Celebrated[....]

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2022-02-01 05:33:44

Eliminating high Cost and Latency Issues through ELK Solution

About Customer Our customer, a leading tech firm in the communications space, has millions of[....]

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2022-02-01 05:30:22

Enabling Digital Journey Through APIs & Portal Development

About Customer Our Customer is one of the largest and leading banks in Vietnam and[....]

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2022-01-31 12:29:55

Powering Global Financial Inclusion Programme

About Customer Our customer, an EU-based telecom association and a financial inclusion enabler, wanted to[....]

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