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Open APISandbox Brochure

Accelerate innovation and increase collaboration between 3rd parties and Enterprises by offering production like sandbox environments to minimize complexities and increase API adoption. Enterprises can now leverage low-cost sandbox, enable 3rd party ecosystems (Fintechs, healthtechs, Edtechs, etc.) to quickly adopt APIs and create ecosystem driven products efficiently using smart transaction sandbox. Download the brochure to know… Continue reading Open APISandbox Brochure

One APIMarketplace for Banking ‘Brochure

An intuitive and fast way for banks and fintechs to setup and deploy a API Ecosystem is here! Create and publish your APIs and apps on a marketplace/enterprise-grade portal in weeks. DigitalAPICraft’s One APIMarketplace for Banking caters to all your consumer, administrator and infrastructure needs. One APIMarketplace for Banking is a ready to launch platform.… Continue reading One APIMarketplace for Banking ‘Brochure

Staying Ahead of the Open Banking Curve

About Customer Our customer, a leading dynamic challenger bank, wanted to revolutionise retail banking. Celebrated for their exceptional products and customer experience, our customer, one of the early adopters of technology, wanted to change the way Britain banks. They offer a vast array of innovative banking products and offer highly personalised banking services.Like several major… Continue reading Staying Ahead of the Open Banking Curve

Eliminating high Cost and Latency Issues through ELK Solution

Our customer, a leading tech firm in the communications space, has millions of daily users interacting with their systems for business needs. As a front runner in the space, our customer aimed to shape the future of communication through innovative projects and programmes. With our customer’s current setup, generating custom reports and insights comes with… Continue reading Eliminating high Cost and Latency Issues through ELK Solution

Enabling Digital Journey Through APIs & Portal Development

About Customer Our Customer is one of the largest and leading banks in Vietnam and is headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam. They are focused on improving the quality of operations, bringing the best banking products and services to individuals, economic organizations, and enterprises across the key provinces and cities of the country, contributing to boosting the… Continue reading Enabling Digital Journey Through APIs & Portal Development

Powering Global Financial Inclusion Programme

About Customer Our customer, an EU-based telecom association and a financial inclusion enabler, wanted to build an ecosystem to enable billions worldwide get access to safe, secure and affordable financial services. A key step in the programme was to create a developer portal and securely expose APIs for members and industry stakeholders to consume.Our customer… Continue reading Powering Global Financial Inclusion Programme

Open Banking ‘How is the world gearing up?

Open Banking is driven mostly by FinTech companies and banks with the intention to increase innovation and offer customers better products and services. It is reorganising and flattening the banking industry and is the first step towards an open data economy. While it’s a mandate across several countries from a regulatory and compliance perspective, many… Continue reading Open Banking ‘How is the world gearing up?