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Eliminating high Cost and Latency Issues through ELK Solution

Our customer, a leading tech firm in the communications space, has millions of daily users interacting with their systems for business needs. As a front runner in the space, our customer aimed to shape the future of communication through innovative projects and programmes.

With our customer’s current setup, generating custom reports and insights comes with high latency and cost implication. Changing their current analytics setup was critical for business success. DigitalAPICraft was able to engineer a solution using ELK Stack (with disaster recovery) and help generate required business insights through custom reports. DigitalAPICraft played a pivotal role in the successful implementation of the solution, installation, configuration, migration, support and maintenance initiatives for the customer.

In order to gain business critical insights, our customer relied heavily on their existing analytics tool to deliver custom reports. Their existing setup used PostgreSQL to store and retrieve the analytics data. The data was stored in PostgreSQL as part of the API flow. The current solution used RAID 0 to support their analytics data retrieval which resulted in high latency issues. This not only made generating custom reports cumbersome but also made the setup prone to disaster. The current setup came with high cost implications too.

The customer wanted a comprehensive solution that can help them with custom reports generation in a robust and cost effective way. DigitalAPICraft (DAC) partnered with the customer and offered a full-fledged ELK solution with an effective disaster recovery system in place.