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Monetizing Data & Enhancing Revenue Streams


About Customer

Our customer delivers location data to their clients in Australia ‘buildings attributes, roads and transport information, the authoritative Geocoded National Address File and cadastral boundaries. They organize national location data from authoritative sources and make it accessible and useful through the creation of essential datasets.Over the past decade, the API economy has forged ahead bringing about transformation in businesses. Globally, enterprises are opening up and sharing their data with developers, business and technology partners, etc. One of the outcomes of this transformation is the realization that data has immense value in the API economy. Our customer is an organizer and provider of national location data through APIs which were socialized through their developer portal. It was time to monetize these APIs. However, there were several challenges in implementing the API monetization.DigitalAPICraftwas approached for a solution.Our customer developed APIs to make available their location data to their clients. They used Apigee Edge to develop and manage the APIs. They needed to API monetization to increase and enhance their revenue streams. Apigee’s Monetization module allows customers using Apigee to monetize their APIs by charging the developers for consuming the APIs.Our customer had the following challenges:Apigee Monetization supports only WorldPay as the payment gateway and customers are required to sign up with WorldPay in order to capture payments from developers who subscribe to different rate plans.The customer used the Stripe payment gateway for their other applications and they wanted to use the same with Apigee Monetization as well.The customer also had a unique requirement, wherein they wanted to charge their developers based on the data that they receive as a response of the API calls rather than charging them on a per API call basis.The case study highlights how our expertise inApigee and API engineeringhelped solve these problems for our customer.

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