AX Reporting for Open Banking

AX Reporting for Open Banking developed in time for the OB Managed Roll Out

A large UK bank (UKB) is a Google-Apigee customer and uses Apigee Edge for their OB API implementation. We worked with the UKB to provide an automated, generic reporting framework that can run on any system (cloud, on-premise) and generate the reports as defined in the specified format. The reports could then easily be consumed by both people and systems to meet both current requirements and enable easy integration into wider reporting platforms in the future.

The aim of the above reports was to provide consistent and objective data to demonstrate the overall performance of the OB ecosystem. The implementation was successfully delivered to the UKB on schedule, supporting the successful January 13, 2018 launch of the OB Managed Roll Out.

Starting from January 13, 2018 onwards and over the course of the next six weeks, the OBIE brought the UK’s ASPSPs and regulated TPPs online to test the system exhaustively, using selected testing accounts. This enabled all parties concerned to be absolutely certain that the OB ecosystem is stable, fully secure and ready for all UK consumers and small businesses.

DAC played a critical role in ensuring this roll out for the UKB. A short delivery schedule meant quick design, test and delivery turnaround times. Overcoming challenges in creative ways was instrumental to this success. Using Apigee’s API and Analytics Services enabled the delivery of a flexible, expandable metrics framework on time for the roll out.

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