Apigee Developer Portal

Apigee Developer Portal as a Platform for Internal Teams' Collaboration

A large US telecom services provider’s (USTP) business strategy disrupted the telecom industry. However, the path required some serious changes to USTP’s IT organisation and infrastructure. To unleash the business strategy, frequency and speed of delivery of new capabilities became critical. A new API economy was envisioned and unprecedented external integration and monetisation opportunities were possible. In short, service APIs for both internal and external consumers became necessary. Internally, the digital transformation had begun!

As part of its API Program, USTP launched a developer portal as a platform for internal teams to collaborate. The goal was to discover their domain capabilities and roadmaps and publish APIs to a single common API Catalogue; well documented, intuitive and discoverable to all consumers.

The developer portal enables users of different business units within USTP to collaborate and work on artefacts, independent of each other. The internal users have a seamless entry into the system, via the single Sign On capabilities.

DAC as the Apigee Professional Service Providers and Delivery Partners was engaged with USTP to customize their developer portal according to USTP guidelines and implementing their user stories.

Every time something new is tried in an organization, requirements are fluid primarily because it’s new and waters are being tested. This was the case with USTP project as well. Though Agile and Scrum were followed by DAC, iterations over the same features for about 3 Sprints occurred before there was clarity. Sheer hard work by the DAC team and extraordinary support from the USTP team ensured timely delivery. The project went live internally within USTP.

The end result? A very happy customer.

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