Developer Portal Development

Successful Apigee Developer Portal for Banking on Drupal

A dynamic challenger bank (DCB) in the UK has been acclaimed as revolutionising retail banking in the UK and celebrated for its exceptional products and customer experience.

As part of the PSD2 (second Payment Services Directive of the EU) implementation, banks conforming to PSD2 regulations are required to expose specific customer account information to TPPs, through Open APIs. This will enable TPPs to build financial services and retail applications on top of the banks’ data and infrastructure. DCB’s ongoing commitment towards delighted customers and exceptional service fuelled their Open API initiative.

DAC, as the Apigee Professional Service Providers and Delivery Partners, was engaged with DCB to customise their developer portal according to their guidelines and to implement use cases specific to the Open API initiative. The developer portal provides teams within DCB a unique experience in managing various operations with regards to the ‘consumer facing’ aspects of the Open API initiative.

The development tasks were completed on schedule, and in some use cases, even before schedule. Issues and challenges were quickly and creatively resolved. For eg., SmartDocs functionality customisation is always a challenge. However, this was accomplished with ease because of DAC’s expertise. The challenges were fixed by extending the SmartDocs core functionality. A custom module was written to solve these issues.

This project is a testimony for success - when teams work in coordination and render active support to each other in order to achieve a common goal.

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