Hackdays 2018, Hackathon at SRG SSR

Quick redesign, test and delivery turn-around times ensure successful Hackathon

SRG SSR is an independent, public media company that provides a multimedia public service in all regions and national languages of Switzerland. It supplies the Swiss residents with an attractive and diverse selection of radio, TV and online content on the themes of information, culture, education, entertainment and sport.

True to its vision to provide quality TV and radio experience to its subscribers, SRG SSR organized a ‘Hackdays 2018’ event in March this year. The theme was “Media and Artificial Intelligence”. Programmers, robots, designers, avatars and concept developers who are motivated to develop their ideas and to work on prototypes of the future were the target participants for the Hackdays 2018.
The goal was to develop and prototype new ideas and products in areas such as:

  • - Journalism formats and tools
  • - Collaborative media
  • - User interfaces and mobile applications
  • - Media indexing, archiving and retrieval
  • - Offline and online media analytics

This event took place simultaneously in SRG SSR’s Geneva and Zurich offices on March 01-02, 2018. Live-streaming of the pitches in each venue was organized so that each location knew what was being presented in the other location.

SRG SSR is a Google-Apigee customer and uses Apigee Edge for their API implementation. In preparation for Hackdays 2018, SRG SSR partnered with DAC to redesign and develop their existing APIs. The goal was to provide APIs with enhanced usability, discoverability, security and control.

Design and development was completed in Feb. 2018, well ahead of the event on Mar. 01-02, 2018.

The absence of sufficient documentation presented a challenge during the delivery phase. The DAC team worked with various business stakeholders for information gathering and assimilation. Following which, the team devised an automated testing framework to capture all the potential business scenarios and their associated outcomes. These were integrated with the delivery process to avoid regressions and misalignment of features.

SRG SSR was delighted, as they were able to conduct the Hackdays on the announced dates Mar. 01 – 02, 2018, seamlessly. The overall feedback was that the APIs and the associated documentation were user-friendly and discoverable to the developers thus driving higher adoption and usage.

DAC played a critical role in ensuring that Hackdays 2018 was conducted without a glitch for SRG SSR. A short delivery schedule meant quick redesign, test and delivery turnaround times. Overcoming challenges in definitive ways was instrumental to this success. Using Apigee’s API Services enabled the timely delivery of a redesigned API library with enhanced usability, discoverability, security and control, on time for the Hackdays 2018 event.


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