Enabling Business-critical Operator Based Search

August 24, 2021
Operator discovery solution

About Customer

Our customer, a leading tech firm in the communications space, has millions of daily users interacting with their systems for business needs. As a front runner in the space, our customer aimed to shape the future of communications through innovative products and solutions.
User authentication and verification has evolved vastly over the years. Using a mobile number to log in to websites, applications, etc. is expected to be default by users. Our customer’s key solution does just that. A universal api-based and secure mobile based login solution. One of the key functionalities was to securely search and discover the user’s number across various network operators and pass the authentication to the requesting service provider. The sheer magnitude of local network operators across geographies and their millions of users across each of these operators made this a mammoth task.

Several service providers like online retail, communications, media, online application and several others across the globe offer mobile numbers as an option for login and authentication. Mobile number also acts as a layer of security for these applications. One thing all these service providers need in common is to quickly find out which operator the user belonged to and take appropriate actions for the functioning of their applications. Our customer’s solution aimed at doing just that.

Each market (country/region) has several operators, and each operator has several million users. In most cases, many users have multiple numbers across operators. This made it complex for service providers who want to offer their services to everyone in a local market. The key challenge for our customer was to identify an effective way to offer a discovery function through which each service provider could easily obtain which operator to contact to authenticate a particular user.

DigitalAPICraft (DAC), partnered with the customer to build an API-based operator discovery solution and offer it as a part of their existing solution ecosystem. This service would help identify operators based on the user’s mobile number. DAC assessed the customer’s existing setup and ecosystem to identify the API requirements and proposed a modularized solution based on functionality.

Read more on how DAC used some cutting edge tech like Apigee, ELK Stack, AWS, PostgreSQL, etc.

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