Powering Global Financial Inclusion Programme

August 18, 2021
API Enchancements
Digital Api

About Customer

Our customer, an EU-based telecom association and a financial inclusion enabler, wanted to build an ecosystem to enable billions worldwide get access to safe, secure and affordable financial services. A key step in the programme was to create a developer portal and securely expose APIs for members and industry stakeholders to consume.
Our customer wanted a partner to analyse their existing API ecosystem setup and bring in enhancements across security, rate limiting, quotas and analytics, etc. They also wanted to develop a portal for end users to consume APIs pertaining to their mobile money ecosystem and build cutting-edge apps.

DigitalAPICraft (DAC) took on the challenge and performed a complete analysis of the customer’s current APIs and setup. The customer’s programme of building a global ecosystem needed DAC to consider complexities involving security and other regulations of different countries.

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