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An API-Led Approach to Boost Operational Efficiency and Unlock Real Business Value

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  • 3rd Party Integration
  • Multi-Cloud, Multi-Gateway Setup
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    Our Top Clients

    Use Insightful Analytics and Statistics to Measure API
    Performance Efficiently

    Leverage Multiple API Gateways

    Simplify API deployment, management, and security with our seamless integration with multiple API gateways.

    Facilitate API Monetization

    Effortlessly monetize APIs with prepaid subscription plans and Azure, AWS, and Apigee integration.

    Curb API Sprawl and Complexities

    Minimize complexities with our streamlined APIs, eliminating API sprawl and complex integration processes.

    One APIMarketplace for Banking

    Simplify your banking development with DigitalAPICraft’s One APIMarketplace, empowering your developers to create cutting-edge solutions and adapt to changing customer demands by seamlessly integrating with a wide range of APIs.
    Trusted by leading Fortune 500 companies as the ultimate destination for API solutions, DAC provides a suite of products designed for API monetization, API integration and rapid API development. Access a selection of pre-built core banking APIs for payments, funds, accounts, and open data tailored to the banking sector, reducing development costs and accelerating service delivery.
    With DAC, explore a comprehensive catalog of in-house services, select from flexible pricing models, and test your solutions in a secure, multi-tenant environment.

    One APIMarketplace for Healthcare

    Design an integrated healthcare API ecosystem that ensures seamless integration, regulatory compliance, and optimal interoperability. DAC’s One APIMarketplace for healthcare streamlines data integration through APIs, prioritizes compatibility among healthcare applications and services, and customizes solutions to meet your unique needs.
    Our centralized API repository simplifies the process of integrating third-party APIs into your systems, fostering API sharing and reusability. Expand your capabilities and collaborate with developers, driving innovation and marketing opportunities.
    Attain healthcare interoperability and regulatory standards compliance by leveraging pre-built SMART on FHIR APIs and customizable workflows.

    One APIMarketplace for Telecom

    Accelerate your telecom API journey with the DAC Product Suite, offering a robust platform for 5G APIs, seamless API orchestration, flexible pricing models, and a powerful testing environment. 

    Tailored for the telco industry, DAC ensures comprehensive solutions with a proven track record, seamless integration, dedicated support, and scalable, future-proof technology. Streamline innovation and collaboration while aligning revenue generation with business goals.


    One APIMarketplace

    One APIMarketplace is an enterprise-grade, platform-agnostic API solution designed to accelerate API adoption and minimize sprawl. It addresses API complexity by operationalizing APIs, ensuring they are discoverable, easily consumable, and fostering collaboration. This marketplace reduces time to market, enhances API adoption through performance insights, and offers a world-class developer experience with intuitive documentation, community engagement, and robust resources. With features like API discovery, testing in a sandbox environment, seamless integration, monitoring analytics, and developer collaboration, One APIMarketplace streamlines workflows, unifies ecosystems, and provides dedicated support for developer success, creating an environment that empowers innovation and accelerates the API journey.

    One APIHub

    One APIHub revolutionizes enterprise API management, offering a unified platform for seamless organization, discovery, and collaboration. Tailored for APIs, API platforms, CI/CD, resources, and teams, it simplifies the developer experience by centralizing essential information. Effortlessly explore and optimize API deployments, empowering teams with a streamlined interface for efficient management.


    Streamlined information gathering and actionable insights enhance code reliability, security, and cost efficiency. The platform accelerates onboarding, preserves knowledge, and boosts team empowerment. Benefits span across organization, developers, product managers, and platform engineering, ensuring enhanced efficiency, collaboration, visibility, and scalability. With robust security and support, One APIHub leads globally in pioneering API management.

    API Monetisation

    Unlock the financial potential of your APIs with DigitalAPICraft’s advanced API Monetization platform. Charge API consumers through flexible models like pay-per-use, subscription, or freemium, driving revenue for enterprises.


    Enhance profits by enabling businesses to sell products/services, improve operations, or expand customer reach through APIs. Enjoy full-scale capabilities, providing developers access to diverse APIs for innovative applications. DigitalAPICraft offers bonus features like analytics, support, and comprehensive documentation, attracting developers with added functionalities.


    Streamline transactions by linking your preferred payment account, set customized API subscription plans, and choose from various monetization models. Benefit from convenient billing options, seamless commerce plugin integration, and gain valuable insights through powerful analytics. Start monetizing your APIs effortlessly with

    DigitalAPICraft, prioritizing a developer-focused approach and ensuring a profitable ecosystem for your business.

    Open APISandbox

    The Open APISandbox simplifies integration, accelerates development, and ensures seamless connectivity with external systems and third-party APIs through robust prototyping and testing. It enhances the API ecosystem experience with rich documentation, interactive training, and easy onboarding while facilitating rapid adoption, integration, and collaboration.
    Open APISandbox, now available on Google Cloud Marketplace, provides a safe and controlled environment to test and experiment with APIs on the sandbox platform, without having to deploy them to production. Developers can experiment and familiarize themselves with API functionalities, troubleshoot and debug issues without impacting the live environment, test scalability and performance.
    Robust security features protect data and enable knowledge sharing within the developer community.

    Seamlessly Connect Your External Partners and Consumers While Enhancing Developer Experiences

    “I have been working with the DAC for over 3 years and have always found them to be a highly professional and reliable team. The team members show real commitment to providing a top-quality service to their clients. They have a very strong technical background in a range of technologies related to the provision of secure APIs in the cloud.”

    Stephen Wolak

    Platform Product Manager

    Crafting Enterprise-Grade API Ecosystems and Experiences

    One APIM is a comprehensive, white-labeled API marketplace that efficiently manages the publishing, consuming, collaborating, governing, and monetizing
    of your internal and external APIs.