One APIMarketplace

Enterprise-grade developer portal for efficiently managing your entire API ecosystem of 1000s of APIs and users. Available as SaaS and on-premises, enterprises can now efficiently publish, consume, collaborate, and govern all their APIs, developers, product owners, consumers, and partners in one place.


Enabling An Enterprise-Grade API Ecosystem Experience

Today, businesses are creating thousands of APIs. To manage the complexities of usage and consumption, collaboration, management, documentation, and publishing of those APIs, users, and developers, your API integration ecosystem must evolve.

The problem is solved by a single APIMarketplace. It is API platform-agnostic and seamlessly connects your APIs, developers, product owners, consumers, and partners to accelerate innovation and deliver API ecosystem experiences like never before. It is available in SaaS and on-premises versions.

About One APIMarketplace

One APIMarketplace

White-labeled, API platform, and Cloud Agnostic

Leverage a pre-built, enterprise-grade marketplace compatible with your existing API integration platforms. Available both as SaaS and on-premises.

Build a Vibrant App-API

Control and deliver a seamless app-API ecosystem experience by unifying various API Consumers.

API Governance

Efficiently manage and streamline adoption, access, audit, analytics, and deployment across your internal and external API ecosystem.

Connect External Partners
and Consumers

Extend your internal enterprise API ecosystem effortlessly to your external API ecosystem to easily find, connect and manage their APIs.

Enhanced Developer Experience and Efficiency

Easily customize and optimize your developer journey. Increase App-API collaboration and efficiency by offering a unified API ecosystem.

What do you get with One APIMarketplace?

What do you get with
One APIMarketplace?

API integration
A Suite of Connectors

Got different APIs across multiple platforms? Are you working with multiple or hybrid cloud setups? If yes, then One APIMarketplace has you covered. A suite of connectors built for leading platforms to help you innovate with minimal investments.

Easy Content Localization

Maintaining separate localized portals in different languages can never be a problem anymore. One APIMarketplace ensures local language delivery with consistent developer experience across the board.

API integration
Enterprise-grade Portal

One APIMarketplace offers you a world-class pre-built developer portal, and it can get customized as per your brand requirement. It also enables you to enjoy a secure & flexible portal that comes with onboarding, discoverability, stakeholder management, and documentation.

Pre-Built Workflows & Accelerators

Leverage many workflows from onboarding, registration, code review and submission, and monetization to support. These meticulously crafted accelerators and frameworks get your programs up and running quickly.

API Commerce & Monetization

It provides you with the highest flexibility in offering API packages and rate plans. Enterprises can now bundle plans, manage catalogs and subscriptions and Monetize APIs with ease. One APIMarketplace leverages API Monetization Integration and App Monetization with full commerce module integration.

API integration
Industry-Specific Solutions

Enterprises can leverage packaged solutions built on top of One APIMarketplace, and it rapidly builds or advances its API Ecosystem. These solutions come with a pre-built compliant API-based integration, easily customizable portals, accelerators, sandboxes, a wide range of connectors, and more.

Functions & Features of One APIMarketplace

Functions & Features of
One APIMarketplace


Support Ticket System


API & APP Monetization


Salesforce Integration


Single Sign-On Support

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Highly Secure

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Team Feature


Ecommerce Analytics


Customizable Themes

crm (2)

Integration Support
for CRM Systems

Why is One APIMarketplace Needed?

Why is
One APIMarketplace

One APIMarketplace has a plethora of benefits for both consumers & API providers.
Let’s look at what it means for API providers and consumers.

For API Providers

It enables API providers to market their API-based integration to the broader consumer base.

It helps publishers to get feedback from API users.

It offers all analytics, statistics, and all other helpful information to gauge the performance of API.

It unfolds the API monetization opportunities enabling your enterprises to offer subscription plans.

It conducts the training programs for API providers to ensure better creation & publication of their APIs with ease.

For API Consumers

In APIMarketplace, APIs are grouped as per their categories, capabilities & collections. Henceforth, it enables developers to find the required API like a cakewalk.

Developers can easily incorporate APIs into their enterprise expeditiously & effortlessly. They do it by using all documentation & educational material provided by APIMarketplace.

Developers no longer need to wait for any manual approval by each API producer. However, they can get on board at the drop of a hat and start implementing the APIs.

Industry Specific Solutions with One APIMarketplace

Industry Specific
Solutions with
One APIMarketplace

One APIMarketplace For Banking

Build an active, vibrant, and hyper-personalized Banking API Ecosystem by leveraging One APIMarketplace for Banking. DigitaAPICraft offers a reliable and robust Marketplace for banking that aligns with any cloud infrastructure and on-premises. Getting access to our ready-to-launch One APIMarketplace for Banking lets your business enjoy flexibility and customers an exceptional experience.

Are you looking for quickest way to setup the marketplace? At DigitalAPICraft, we assist both business banking and fintech to setup and deploy the robust marketplace. We specialize in developing and publishing application programming interfaces on the marketplace in no time.
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Seamless Integration With Multiple API Gateways

We help businesses to enjoy in-built integration with Apigee, AWS, Kong and Mulesoft API platforms. It further enables the applications and API publishers to levertage the plethora of benefits including usage metering, analytics, monetization and credential generation.

CRM Integration

The integration of APIs with reliable and the best CRM systems, you end up delivering the exceptional user experience by improving the dispute resolution, high lead generation, timely updates of process and much more.

Smooth Collaboration

The team members in the organization can easily collaborate on various aspects of the marketplace including forum, documentation and blogs.


One APIMarketplace For Healthcare

Build your connected healthcare API ecosystem with advanced Healthcare Interoperability and Regulatory Standards compliance. One APIMarketplace is an integrated healthcare solution that helps healthcare providers and payers to adopt new FHIR-based APIs for clinical data sharing. With pre-built SMART on FHIR APIs and customizable workflows, healthcare enterprises can comply with CMS/ONC rules faster.

Built on One APIMarketplace product, this solution is powered by Apigee and Google Cloud healthcare accelerators.

One APIMarketplace For Telecom

Streamline your telco ecosystem and meet customer demands quicker with a unified platform, One APIMarketplace for Telecom. It connects telecommunications and technology to drive innovation and growth, allowing you to quickly meet customer demands with an API-first approach. The platform includes a customizable developer portal for managing and sharing APIs with internal teams, external partners, and customers, streamlining app development and delivering immediate value.

So, embrace the convergence and take your business to new heights with our cutting-edge One APIMarketplace for Telecom, leveraging the API economy. Explore, today!


Why Choose DigitalAPICraft's
One APIMarketplace?

DigitalAPICraft has served the global brands in introducing the API ecosystem through its products & services. An enterprise will undergo tremendous transformation after establishing the API ecosystem with our skilled in-house team of professionals. As a leading API developer, we are committed to delivering end-to-end APIs products and solutions open for all industries like retail, banking, insurance, telecom & media companies. You will have a delightful customer experience boosting operational efficiency & transforming the business. You can also explore the API integration companies.


One APIMarketplace Offers
a Solution to New Age API Problems

One APIMarketplace Offers a Solution to New Day's API Problems

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Full Lifecycle API Ecosystem Product

It enables enterprises to manage all APIs, Consumers, and Partners on a single platform.

One APIHub combined with One APIMarketplace provides you with a complete DAC solution covering the API publishing lifecycle for an enterprise.

The content publishing management and API key management developers onboarding all are built-in thoughtfully in One APIMarketplace.

They have a connection to infinite internal API gateways.

When you are on the edge of moving from one API-gateway platform to another, our platform can quickly get switched from one to another without the need for an API sandbox elaborate mechanism for data migration & usage.

Extensive Experience in the Development of Developer Portal for Leading Global Enterprises

The One APIMarketplace of DigitalAPICraft is nothing but a purpose-built enterprise-grade developer portal/platform to ensure the onboarding of various API players and API assets for efficiently managing the entire API ecosystem.

It provides enterprises with several pre-built workflows for API key management, user management, privilege management, and partner & customer onboarding.

It offers a self-service developer portal to the end customers & supports all API security standards like basic, auth, and OAuth.

Safe & secure display of results & text-search.

An integrated panel for admins to manage all users, groups, content management, rejections & approvals.

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A well-defined reliable content publishing platform integrated with the company's CI/CD pipeline.

We directly publish all the approved APIs that meet the required standards directly so that enterprises can focus on their business challenges.


Learn more about the technical specifications and business impactOne APIMarketplace can deliver to your enterprise.


One APIMarketplace enables your organization to develop leading and reliable gateways that further foster innovations with minimal investments. You can work with multiple cloud setups seamlessly. A business can enjoy the benefits of industry-specific needs to accomplish its digital requirements and customer expectations.
  • A business gets a pre-built enterprise developer portal that is well-customized to your brand’s requirements.
  • An organization also gets a suite of connectors to address the issues while working with multiple cloud setups.
  • APIMarketplace enables you to leverage considerable work from registration, code review, onboarding, monetization, and submission to support. Get access to pre-built accelerators and workflow with DigitalAPICraft.
  • Leverage app and support monetization across various platforms via our full commerce module integration.

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