Elevate Healthcare Interoperability,
with DAC’s Cutting-Edge Suite​

Design your integrated healthcare API ecosystems with optimal Healthcare Interoperability and Regulatory Standards compliance using DigitalAPICraft’s Products for the healthcare industry

What we Offer

Seamless Integration

Our products enable seamless integration of healthcare API ecosystems, ensuring smooth communication between different systems and platforms

Optimal Interoperability

We prioritize healthcare interoperability, allowing your APIs to seamlessly exchange data and functionality across various healthcare applications and services

Regulatory Compliance

Our products are designed to help you meet and exceed regulatory standards in the healthcare industry, ensuring your API ecosystem is compliant and secure

Customizable Solutions

We offer flexible and customizable solutions to meet the unique needs of your healthcare API ecosystem, empowering you to design and implement the ideal integration framework

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Our Products

One APIMarketplace

Discover a wide range of FHIR-based APIs and services in our comprehensive marketplace. One APIMarketplace, lets you explore, evaluate, and integrate third-party APIs to enhance your healthcare solutions and meet your patient’s evolving needs

One APIHub

Simplify your API management with One APIHub. A centralized hub that provides a unified interface for managing your APIs, enabling you to monitor usage, control access, and streamline collaboration with providers, payers, and internal teams

API Monetization

Unlock new revenue streams by monetizing your healthcare APIs through efficient billing, subscription management, and revenue tracking mechanisms. Our solution helps you to create flexible pricing models, manage customer lifecycle, and generate insights from your API usage data

Open APISandbox

.Accelerate your API development and testing with Open APISandbox. This sandbox environment allows you to experiment, prototype, and validate your ideas without impacting your production environment. It’s a playground for innovation and rapid iteration

Why Choose DAC Product Suite For
Your Healthcare Needs?


Compliance with Healthcare Interoperability and Regulatory Standards

DigitalAPICraft product suite helps healthcare providers and payers to adopt new FHIR-based APIs for clinical data sharing and achieve compliance with CMS/ONC rules faster.

Pre-built SMART on FHIR APIs and Customizable Workflows


DigitalAPICraft product suite offers pre-built SMART on FHIR APIs that enable seamless integration of clinical data with third-party applications and devices. The product suite also allows healthcare enterprises to customize their workflows and business logic according to their specific needs and preferences.

Powered by Apigee and Google Cloud Healthcare Accelerators


DigitalAPICraft product suite is built on One APIMarketplace product, which is powered by Apigee and Google Cloud healthcare accelerators. Apigee provides a comprehensive API management platform that enables the security, governance, analytics, and monetization of APIs. Google Cloud healthcare accelerators provide scalable and reliable cloud services that support data ingestion, storage, processing, and analysis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An API marketplace provides a centralized hub where healthcare providers, third-party developers, and patients can more efficiently discover, access, and integrate healthcare- related APIs.
Healthcare providers can expand their reach, collaborate with developers, and offer innovative services. Developers gain easier access to APIs, reducing development time and increasing market opportunities.
Healthcare API marketplaces must comply with relevant regulations to protect patient data and ensure fair competition.
It’s a development environment for testing healthcare-related APIs without real patient data. Why should developers use an Open API Sandbox for healthcare? It allows developers to experiment, test, and build applications using healthcare-related APIs in a controlled environment.
No, it’s for development and testing only. Production applications require access to live APIs.