One APIMarketplace
for Healthcare

Build your connected healthcare API ecosystems with advanced Healthcare Interoperability and Regulatory Standards compliance.

Healthcare Data

Interoperability APIs-as-a-Service and Much More

One APIMarketplace is an integrated healthcare solution that helps healthcare providers and payers to adopt new FHIR-based APIs for clinical data sharing.

With pre-built SMART on FHIR APIs and customizable workflows, healthcare enterprises can achieve compliance with CMS/ONC rules faster. Built on One APIMarketplace product, this solution is powered by Apigee and Google Cloud healthcare accelerators.

Get Started With One APIMarketplace For Healthcare Suite

Get Started With
One APIMarketplace For Healthcare Suite

All your development teams, customers and partners can discover & connect your APIs from one single, next-generation robust platform. DigitalAPICraft customizes the APIs that perfectly fit your company’s vision, mission and deliver value to people by integrating seamlessly with internal systems and tools. Millions of enterprises have made DigitalAPICraft their number one choice when it comes to integrating healthcare marketplace & APIs. Manage thousands of APIs from one single platform with us.

Benefits of Using APIs In the Healthcare Industry

Unfortunately, the healthcare experience hasn’t been good so far as people want to access healthcare services & information at the drop of a hat whenever needed.

So, to satisfy the demand, healthcare providers develop the Application Programming Interface (API) that enables a holistic seamless exchange of all information among the healthcare groups.

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Facilitates Real-Time Patient’s Data & Interoperability Access

We provide you with real-time access to clinical documents, helping you to manage all risk adjustments, ensure accurate payments, and improve HEDIS scores along with quick adjudication.

You don’t only get access to data but also to interoperability.

Better Engagement With Patients
Leading Outstanding Healthcare Experience

Better Engagement With Patients Leading Outstanding Healthcare Experience

Healthcare API Ecosystem enables a healthcare enterprise to engage with patients as well as healthcare providers across the care. Managing financial claims & billing life cycle for pharmacies, hospitals/health APIs systems, ambulatory care, and payment become easy with such solutions.

Hassle-free Connectivity With Security

We comprehend that health information is quite a sensitive emphasis more on security. Getting access to information from all different devices including the Internet of Things ones, analyzing & using it all is hassle-free connectivity.

Good Cooperation Between all Healthcare Companies

Integrating API in the healthcare domain leads to the expansion of your healthcare API companies, including hospitals, health insurance companies, volunteer organizations, and medical device producers. ... When you share data freely, every company gets an opportunity to find out unique ways to offer better services, work efficiently, and contribute to the development of innovations in healthcare industries.

API- Bring forth Long Pad of Innovations

Medical APIs open up new doors of opportunities for innovations by enabling the transfer of data exchange, measurement & capabilities analysis. This simple API has brought significant changes in the revolution ...of the healthcare services domain. These APIs are benefiting the healthcare industry to a great extent. Right from registration, schedules, finances, hospital management, and ancillary to data integration, Medical APIs are playing a significant role in the healthcare industry..

API Facilitates Managing of All Bills at One Application

Several healthcare consumers get frustrated with the numerous medical bills received from multiple providers. But a well-developed and robust API healthcare ecosystem allows you to pay all medical bills in one app via your simple smartphone.

But didn’t you notice the scene behind all these systems working appropriately? This is all because of the healthcare API marketplace & companies which are bringing all systems to action. However, it’s helping providers & consumers by making their work short as well as managing the medical bills.

Manage & Develop APIMarketplace

There is an old saying that success depends on the implementation of strategies correctly rather than its activity. Creating an API marketplace requires some direction and strategic planning. Isn’t it? Let’s take a look at the steps that
one should adhere to:

Define Technical Strategy Related to API Management

The creation of an API marketplace requires a comprehensive API management platform plus technical planning. Here, there is the significant importance of developers' portals.

Decision on Implementation

The next step is to decide where and how to implement the strategies for the API marketplace. For example- whether you want to work on the cloud, on-site, or work with both in combination.

Defining Internal as Well as External API Management Strategies

An enterprise has to finalize a strategy for promoting a community offering you to reuse the internal APIs or prefer an open approach that allows external developers to create several apps around APIs.

Inclusive of Community & Turn it into Your Best Advocate

For a successful marketplace, every enterprise must include their community to ensure that they are using the platform. Therefore, encouraging them to do so in relation to publications of APIs is the ultimate decision.

Promote Reuse

Encouraging reuse APIs means getting a higher level of competitiveness via tables & ratings. Remember that analytics & KPIs are the most significant elements.

Governance & Analytics

Publications of robust & appropriate APIs adhering to some particular standards leaves room for huge creativity. To perform it well, analytic tools must be the key.

Monetization of APIs among Business Operations & Crossing Income

Everyone knows APIs are the core of the business, and they will be included in the marketplace either via direct sales or consumption of APIs. With the monetization of APIs among business operations, one can earn higher crossing incomes.


Build Your APIMarketplace

With DigitalAPICraft

API Marketplace is a user-friendly public hub where all APIs get published by the providers for developers & partners to consume. It’s a way of monetizing your developed APIs for earning a higher income.

An API marketplace is a keystone for any organization in API monetization strategy; however, it’s a long-term investment. Skilled, professional & experienced API developers are just one phone call away from you. Let’s build an ultimate API marketplace that triples the business revenue using your Digital API healthcare products.

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