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Accelerate Your Telecom API Journey

with DAC Product Suite

Streamline and expedite your telecom API journey using the comprehensive DAC Product Suite.

What We Offer

Robust Platform for 5G APIs

Leverage our powerful platform to harness the potential of 5G technology and drive innovation in the telco industry

Seamless API Orchestration

Simplify collaboration with external partners through our platform, enabling you to efficiently orchestrate APIs and deliver enhanced services

Flexible Pricing Models

Tailor your pricing strategy with our flexible models, empowering you to align your revenue generation with your business goals

Powerful Testing Environment

Ensure the reliability and quality of your APIs with our robust testing environment, enabling thorough validation and testing

Our Products


One APIMarketplace

Discover a comprehensive marketplace where you can explore, consume, and manage telco APIs from various providers, all in one place


One APIHub

Streamline your API integration process with our centralized hub, offering a unified interface for seamless access and integration of
telco APIs


API Monetization

Unlock new revenue streams by monetizing your APIs through efficient billing, subscription management, and revenue tracking mechanisms


Open APISandbox

Experiment and innovate in a secure sandbox environment, enabling you to test and refine your telco APIs before deploying them to production

Making the Right Choice

Why DAC Product Suite is Perfect for Telcos?

Comprehensive solutions tailored for the telco industry

We understand your specific needs and have designed our product suite to cater to the unique requirements of the telco sector

Proven track record of delivering results

Trust in our expertise backed by a track record of success, helping numerous telco companies achieve their goals

Seamless integration with existing systems

Easily integrate our product suite with your current systems and infrastructure, ensuring a smooth and efficient implementation

Dedicated support and assistance

Count on our dedicated support team to assist you at every step, providing timely guidance and resolving any queries or concerns

Scalable and future-proof technology

With our scalable and future-proof technology, you can confidently adapt and grow your telco business in the ever-evolving digital landscape

Awards & Recognitions

Frequently Asked Questions

One APIMarketplace for Telecom is a platform where developers, telecom operators, and other stakeholders can discover, access, and integrate telecom-related APIs for their applications, products, or services.
To access One APIMarketplace for telecom, you usually need to sign up as a developer on the marketplace's website. Once registered, you can explore APIs, documentation, pricing, and other resources. Some marketplaces may require an approval process before API usage.
Yes, One APIMarketplace for telecom supports monetization options for developers, allowing you to integrate telecom functionality and offer value-added services to users, potentially through revenue sharing or subscription models.
It's a platform for developers to test and interact with telecom APIs.