API Solutions

Embracing APIs and microservices are the way forward for any business that has technology at its heart. At DigitalAPICraft, we align API design and development cycles with your unique business goals and deliver heightened Developer Experience (DX). Our expertise and strategies span across multiple client platforms like Web, mobile, cloud and IoT. Achieve business growth by addressing issues around security, identity, social integration, reliability and scalability. Accelerate your API journey today and create a fully functional API-led ecosystem within days and not months.


Hosting Platform Solutions

DigitalAPICraft’s Drupal hosting platform intends to allow Apigee customers to host their Drupal 8 developer portals seamlessly without worrying about the infrastructure requirements and the maintenance of the underlying infrastructure components required for hosting the developer portal.

The hosting platform comes with a self-service UI which enables the administrators to easily manage the activities related to the developer portal hosting and deployments and other key activities seamlessly from an intuitive user interface.


Enterprise Cloud Solutions

Choosing the right cloud partner can accelerate your business growth and drive innovation. With DigitalAPICraft, Build or migrate to cloud with speed and ease. Our solutions and expertise in cloud technologies will help architect what suits best for your business needs. Be it Public, private or hybrid cloud, our consulting expertise, end-to-end cloud solutions and DevOps experience will help boost your ROI. Our Solutions adhere to high industry standards and offers complete control, agility, transparency while driving higher efficiencies and scale.


Mobility Solutions

DigitalAPICraft helps businesses find the right channel mix using customer data, insights and behaviours. Our solutions and expertise solves the omnichannel puzzle by aptly integrating systems, channel mix, offering uber-personalization and staying relevant to context.

We also enables employee mobility and helps them work using any device at anytime, anywhere in the world. With our world class solutions and talent, we help business in mobility strategy, Design & UX, application development, testing to managed services.


UI & UX Solutions

Our approach to UI and UX involves Design Thinking and User-experience-centric design methodologies. We create solutions which align business objectives and processes with clear mental imagining of the target users and best usage scenarios to ensure that the users fully appreciate the developed UI/UX for not only its usefulness, but also to delight! Our accelerated design and development technologies are powered by rich open source frameworks such as React and Angular.