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DigitalAPICraft Offers Three Major Categories of API Services.

Grounded in reality, our deep expertise across various industry verticals help you define and deliver actionable insights. Our API Services helps companies to re-invent business from existing capabilities that drive growth and innovation, through the use of digital technology covering apps, data and APIs and creating new digital assets.

API Strategy

The defining aspect of API business strategy is that an organization wants to change its business with APIs. In other words, we would rather than merely doing what the organization currently does in a more efficient way, we help to use APIs to enable new business models, create new products or services, enter whole new markets, reach new categories of customers, reach existing customers through new channels or partners, add new value to existing products or services, or similarly open new paths to business value.

We design and implement an API strategy that helps business understand and navigate the complex journey of Digital Transformation. Technology is critical to this progression, optimization and simplification is key to make them more responsive to the shifting requirements of a dynamic market. Our Strategy team works with both Business and Technical/IT teams to provide a roadmap for business agility with greater IT efficiency that can handle increasing customer expectations.

API Design and Architecture  

As technology drives dramatic changes in consumer behaviors and expectations, it uproots traditional transactions for all players. Although the use of APIs is not new, growth in their usage has been exponential in the digital era, and APIs are now being adopted across various industries as key enablers for business services and digital products.

Our team help customers Architect & design iteratively to accelerate the pace of delivering business success through API Governance whose foundation is based a right API design. As every Enterprise can have multitude of APIs that can span internal, external and Partner programs the APIs itself require different design guidance, different levels of oversight, and different styles of collaboration. Based on our experience API governance should be implemented via incremental changes to processes, team structures, and deliverables. Hence we design, integrates tools and processes for speed and builds quality into the program for longevity and efficiency for meeting the ever-increasing demands in the digital economy.

API implementation

Traditional software development methodologies are highly disrupted and turned obsolete as a result of increased customer expectation and awareness of technology. This is a direct result of the new digital economy where customers feedback drives every aspect of business. Modern applications allow businesses to anticipate and react faster with offerings that can be accessed 24/7, anywhere and on any device. While it’s the right direction this adds another layer of complexity for companies which requires them to focus equally, if not more on the entire user experience of the applications along with the core services that power them.

We implement APIs that are drawn from both traditional systems as well as new age Microservices. APIs that we build incorporate creative combined solutions for development that are tailored to your unique position. When building an agile API, we keep all facets in mind without falling victim to misconceptions of what it means to be agile so that we can react properly to your team’s needs, your business’s needs, and the end consumer’s needs.

REST API Technologies

APIs developed according to our api development process have these features

  • OAuth2 Authentication/ Authorization
  • Horizontal/ Vertical Scalable
  • Injection Safe
  • Strong Role Based Security
  • Cloud or Self Hosted
  • Using Open Source
  • Standards Complaint
  • WebSocket Ready
  • XML/JSON Response
  • Standard Http Codes
  • Stateless Ready
  • DevOps Ready

Expertise and Technologies

Your APIs can be great on our hands.



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