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Apigee Edge API Services unites the best of Internet and enterprise technologies to provide rock-solid reliability and enterprise-grade flexibility, all in the industry’s most complete and unified platform.                            

Apigee is a company that powers the digital economy and we are a leader in helping customers build and manage APIs and Data. We help them achieve success faster, yet with Internet scale, insight that informs decisions, and business agility. As a leader we have more delivered successful API Programs.

Apigee Edge

The most common requirement in today’s world of digital transformation is the ease of transforming of backend services to APIs. With our many of years of experience on Apigee platform, we help customers create, manage, secure, analyze, and scale APIs.

The scale and success of digital interaction since the introduction of the iPhone in 2007 is proof of the massive shift in how business interacts with customers, partners, and employees. This is not an incremental change, but a paradigm shift and intensifies the IT challenge to be responsive to the business in a timely way and to attain the skills required to operate in the digital economy. The successful journey requires an efficient and flexible process to consume requirements and deliver results and adapt to a rapidly evolving competitive landscape.

Converting your API Strategy into an execution plan that will enable you to start quickly and realize value faster


API Design & Consulting


API management, analytics, and security are at the heart of modern architecture. Key to a successful API Program is well-designed APIs. We work closely with customers to understand their challenges, manage expectations and ensure alignment with the vision and success criteria for the API program.

  • Define organizations and environments and how they will be configured and what their usage will be
  • Define all security considerations for the infrastructure, APIs and any interactions with Apigee and other systems that are part of the overall solution (for example, external 3rd party OAuth appliance, logging systems, or monitoring tools, for example)
  • Connectivity (firewalls, load balancing, etc)
  • Define whether Apigee Edge policies will be used or if some cases (or all) a different approach will be taken (node.js for example)
  • Define all interactions with other Apigee components as well (BaaS, Monetization, Developer Portal, etc)


Agile Implementation

At DigitalAPICraft, we advocate the use of Agile methodology for implementing Apigee Edge gateways services. Given that everyone follows Agile based on our experience we have understood just following Agile is not enough. Instead of rigid processes we have a set of guiding principles to help teams align, move fast, and deliver at speed. Our iterative and incremental approach for building the solution helps Enterprises quickly respond to the demands of the business while maintaining control, stability and sustainability.

Our methodology decouples and simulates services as necessary to make them available across the software development lifecycle (SDLC), allowing developers, testers and performance teams to work in parallel for faster delivery and higher application quality and reliability.

Each sprint begins with development team focusing on building the API based on the signed off features with validation of functionality based on the automated test cases and improvements incorporated based on feedback received. This iterative cycle is implemented in every sprint/iteration to ensure the requirements are met regularly and prevent design changes late in the development cycle.

Some of the activities that we undertake include

Architectural services, configuration, development, and testing addressing API security (e.g. OAuth), mediation, transformation, traffic management, logging, API-DN, PCI, and other.

Analytics services, metrics definition, configuration, development, and testing addressing custom reports.


Apigee Developer Portal

Apigee, the leading API Management Platform enables its customers to quickly transform into Digital Leaders, through its API Platform called "EDGE". One most important part of this Digital Journey is exposing APIs built using Apigee Edge, to the outside world or within organization's internal teams and units. Apigee uses Drupal to allow customer to quickly build their developer portal and expose their APIs, onboard developers to consume their APIs, and expose API documentation, which the developers can use to try out the API calls while they are reading the documentation. This allows customers to increase the developer adoption of their APIs and also to implement organization's business logic in the developer portal built on Drupal.

Our team of Apigee Experts are specialized in Apigee Developer Portal and have successfully built and delivered developer portal for most of the Apigee Enterprise customers, ranging from top Telcos in the world, top players in the banking industry, top players in the food and beverages industry to the leaders in corporate communication solution providers.


The IT organization is responsible for operational reliability, functionality, security, and the delivery of business value through technology.

DigitalAPICraft’s Monitoring & operations strategy provides the overall approach to monitoring of the end-to-end API systems using the Apigee product capabilities and other alerting systems within the Customer's infrastructure.

  • We help set up tools / scripts that could be used to monitor, debug and verify the issue.
  • Understand monitoring already in place within a Customer infrastructure and explain how to complement this with other monitoring at the API platform level
  • Align on the operations team staffing and structure to support the API program.
  • Leverage standard monitoring tools / utilities like Apigee Analytics, Apigee Health to provide developer level details to help diagnose issues.
  • Provide guidance on support team necessary and set early expectations on aligning staffing with SLAs expected by their customers

We emphasize the consistency on how the Customer does caching, error handling and other configurations that will help reduce the needed support team and reduce reliance on specialized knowledge of api proxy bundles regarding these Customer policy standards.

Workshop & Trainings

At DigitalAPICraft we offer Knowledge, education and enablement for developers, technologists and strategists looking to expand their knowledge and advance their skills in the digital world of apps, data and APIs.

Here are our Key Instructor-led Apigee Product Trainings offered.

  • Edge Foundational Training
  • Edge Developer Training
  • Ege Architect Training
  • Edge On-Premise Operational Training


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