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Technical education and enablement for technicians designing solutions on Apigee

Advanced Architect Training provides experienced architects the tools and information needed to evaluate requirements, architect a solution using Apigee Edge that integrates into the enterprise architecture, and guide project teams through an Apigee Edge implementation using Apigee’s project standards and best practices.


Experienced architects who will be designing an Apigee Edge solution to meet technical requirements and business objectives and integrating that solution into the enterprise architecture. At the conclusion of this course attendees should understand the advanced techniques that can be used to facilitate Apigee development, testing, and deployment, and the different decisions and tradeoffs that are required in designing a solution in Apigee Edge.


4 Days

Course Objectives

Learn about the components and advanced features of Apigee’s products and how these products fit into the enterprise architecture.

Course curriculum

Day 1

  • Product Overview
    • API Service
    • Developer Service
    • Analytics Service
  • Strategies for Digital Acceleration
  • Key Solution concepts
  • Architecture of an Apigee Solution

Day 2

  • Best Practices and Key Principles for creating an Effective API Solution Architecture
  • Proxy Development Techniques and Patterns
  • Secure App and API Infrastructure

Day 3

  • Node.js Techniques and Architectural Patterns
  • Apigee 127 Techniques and Architectural Patterns
  • API Documentation
  • Analytics
  • API BaaS
  • Developer Portal

Day 4 (only for On-Premise)

Focus on topics specific to an On-premises deployment of Apigee Edge
  • OPDK
  • Capacity Planning
  • High-level operations














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