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DigitalAPICraft Workshop Overview

These courses are intended for those who will be on an API program team implementing, installing and managing Apigee’s products. Below is a summary of the courses and workshops available to get educated on the power of digital acceleration with Apigee’s products.

Edge Basics

A quickstarter to help teams get up and running with Apigee Edge

Edge Developer Basics Training provides the tools and information needed to start using Apigee Edge whether in the cloud or on premises. The two-day course is designed to provide a common language for all the stakeholders involved in the API project and give your team functional knowledge of the Apigee Edge user interface tools used to configure and manage APIs, and analyze API usage.

Edge Developer Advanced

Developer oriented course helping team to design, build and deploy APIs on Apigee Edge

Edge Developer Advanced Training provides the tools and knowledge needed to rapidly implement API program functionality using the Apigee platform. Attendees will learn different approaches to solving complex implementation problems. This course focuses on code to extend the capabilities of your APIs to meet complex implementation requirements, including best practices, configuration details, API proxy design patterns, and practical use cases.

Apigee Architect Training

Technical education and enablement for technicians designing solutions on Apigee

Advanced Architect Training provides experienced architects the tools and information needed to evaluate requirements, architect a solution using Apigee Edge that integrates into the enterprise architecture, and guide project teams through an Apigee Edge implementation using Apigee’s project standards and best practices.

Apigee Edge Operations Training

This course provides experienced Linux operations teams the tools and information needed to install, monitor, manage, and troubleshoot issues in a self-managed, on-premises installation of Edge. Attendees learn the key factors and considerations in designing and installing a highly available, scalable Apigee on-premises instance, and how to secure, monitor and manage the Apigee system to ensure availability. Attendees also learn how Apigee supports disaster recovery through active-active or active-standby configurations.
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