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A quickstarter to help teams get up and running with Apigee Edge

Edge Developer Basics Training provides the tools and information needed to start using Apigee Edge whether in the cloud or on premises. The two-day course is designed to provide a common language for all the stakeholders involved in the API project and give your team functional knowledge of the Apigee Edge user interface tools used to configure and manage APIs, and analyze API usage.


Ideally technical and business members of your API team are the probable audience. At the conclusion of this course, attendees should understand the components that make up the Apigee Edge platform and have an awareness of their basic functions. Through a hands-on workshop, attendees will learn how to create, manage and scale basic APIs using the Apigee Edge user interface.



2 Days


Course Objectives

Designed as a “level set” for everyone involved in the project by using presentation and hands-on exercises on how to build and manage APIs using Apigee Edge.


Course curriculum

Apigee Edge Overview

Product Overview

  • Key Concepts
  • API Services
  • Developer Services
  • Analytics Services

Technical Overview

  • Architectural Details
  • Troubleshooting and Issue Management

API Design

  • Fundamentals of RESTful API Design

Proxy Development

  • Setting up your first API
  • Authentication policies
  • Products, Developers and Developer Apps
  • Oauth Version 2 – Client Credentials
  • Code Injection Policies
  • Spike Arrest Policy
  • Concurrent Rate Limit Policy
  • Quota Policy
  • Caching
  • Multiple target endpoints
  • Route-rules


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