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Developer oriented course helping team to design, build and deploy APIs on Apigee Edge

Edge Developer Advanced Training provides the tools and knowledge needed to rapidly implement API program functionality using the Apigee platform. Attendees will learn different approaches to solving complex implementation problems. This course focuses on code to extend the capabilities of your APIs to meet complex implementation requirements, including best practices, configuration details, API proxy design patterns, and practical use cases.


Technical members of the API team who will be designing or implementing requirements and building APIs on Edge platform. At the conclusion of this training series, attendees should have a clear understanding of how to rapidly develop and deploy Apigee-based APIs and manage in-house or externally developed applications that consume these APIs. 


4 Days

Pre-requisite Courses

Edge Basics Training

Course Objectives

A combination of a presentation and hands-on workshop on how to build and manage APIs using Apigee Edge along with integrating the Apigee development into your overall API development lifecycle.

Course curriculum

Day 1: Advanced Proxy Development

  • API Design
  • Extend with Programming
  • Analytics
  • Key Value Map
  • Data Transformation
  • Error Handling

Day 2: API Programming Model with Node.js

  • Designing and Building a RESTful Node.js API
  • Deploying and maintaining a Node.js app in Edge
  • Volos: Caching, quota, Oauth and DB connectors
  • Troubleshooting, debugging, where to get help
  • Building API Specs / Docs
  • Creating Controllers
  • API Management and deploying to Apigee Edge

Day 3: API Security

  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Developers, Applications and API Products
  • Implementing OAuth 2, Tokens, and Scopes
  • Implementing Threat Protection
  • CORS

Day 4: API BaaS

  • What is API BaaS
  • API Backend Storage
  • Environments and Security
  • Integration with Apigee Edge
      Lifecycle Management
  • Components of the API Lifecycle
  • Offline development and deployment
  • API Documentation



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