Tableau Software is an innovative data and analytics synthesis company that helps individuals, businesses, government agencies, and websites to visualize and better understand their data. The idea for Tableau Software came about as a way to make spreadsheets and databases understandable to the average person looking at them and their first client was the U.S. Department of Defense, who wanted to increase its peoples' ability to analyze complex information. One of the founders of Tableau Software was a founding member of Pixar who invented the technology that makes animated films like Toy Story possible. Today, Tableau Software works with a variety of clients like Bank of America, Heineken, Johns Hopkins University, Exxon Mobil, CBS Sports,, and many others to help them analyze and understand information.

Our Tableau Expertise:

  •     Our Tableau Expert Developer will define reporting/analytics roadmap by working closely with your  Product Managers.
  •     Highly Experienced in building and maintaining core Tableau reports.
  •     DigitalApiCraft will partner with your  Data Architect team to make sure the underlying data you need is available in your data warehouse.
  •     DigitalApiCraft  will interview clients to understand what questions they are trying to answer and articulate those in the form of Tableau report designs and product requirements.
  •     DigitalApiCraft will educate your customers on the value they can derive from your  Tableau reports.
  •     We will provide training to  internal power users on how to use Tableau (teach them to fish) and assist with report building for more advanced reporting needs.
  •     DigitalApiCraft Tableau Development team  will serve as SME for external clients who want to build their own custom reports.
  •     DigitalApiCraft will serve as internal and market evangelist for the value of data, Working with and presenting to the C-Suite & the Board.
  •     DigitalApiCraft highly agile Tableau development  team will do multitasking and appropriately prioritizing last minute requests.