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Unleash the Power of Your API with affordable API Marketplace Pricing

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Free API marketplace for innovators who want to explore
and build


0 / Month


Ideal for start ups and compact teams embarking on their API journey.


$99 / Month

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Ideal Choice for expanding API adoption with experienced teams aiming for continued growth.


$999 / Month

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Tailored for Enterprises seeking top-tier features and dedicated support.


Custom Pricing & POC

Seamlessly Monetization, Test, and Expand
API Capabilities


Effortlessly monetize your APIs with DigitalAPICraft’s flexible pricing models, detailed analytics, and easy scalability. Maximize revenue with pay-per-use, subscription, or tiered pricing options. Gain insights with comprehensive reports and dashboards. Manage, secure, and scale your APIs with ease.


Test and refine your APIs with DigitalAPICraft’s Open API Sandbox. Create multiple environments, simulate real-world scenarios, and debug with advanced tools. Customize branding and preferences. Test your APIs confidently and unleash creativity.

Bring your own API gateway

Open Banking API

DigitalAPICraft’s Open Banking APIs facilitate seamless data sharing and secure transactions. Ensure compliance with regulations like PSD2 and Open Banking while offering innovative banking services. Leverage the power of Google Cloud and Apigee to create scalable API ecosystems that enhance banking experiences and drive digital transformation.

Healthcare API

DigitalAPICraft’s Healthcare APIs enable data interoperability and compliance with CMS/ONC rules. Access and share clinical data across diverse healthcare systems and platforms using DigitalAPICraft’s pre-built SMART on FHIR APIs and customizable workflows. Discover tailored APIs through the Healthcare API Marketplace to seamlessly integrate and enhance patient care, streamlining healthcare processes.

Features designed to provide an
exceptional user experience

Single Sign on

Single Sign on
Simplify user access with seamless

API Documentation

Provide developers with comprehensive guidelines and instructions for successful API


Enhance discoverability and navigation within your APIs with powerful search functionality.

Fully Self Serve

Empower developers and users to explore, test, and integrate APIs independently.


Foster collaboration, discussions, and engagement within your developer community.


Gain valuable insights into API performance, usage patterns, and customer behavior.


Easily manage different API versions, ensuring seamless transitions and compatibility.

Open APISandbox

Test and refine APIs in a secure and isolated environment.


Expand API accessibility by providing support for multiple languages.


Effortlessly migrate your existing content from any platform with our expert team.

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UI Branding

Give your knowledge base a
professional and branded look that
aligns with your identity.

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“We recently started using the OneAPIMarketplace and it has made our development process so much smoother. The easy-to-use interface and clear documentation has helped us understand the API better, and the ability to test endpoints in real-time has been a game-changer. We highly recommend the API Developer portal to other development teams.”

An Enterprise architect of a renowned bank

“As a small business owner, I was worried about integrating a new API into our systems, but the OneAPIMarketplace made it so easy. The step-by-step documentation and code snippets allowed me to easily understand and implement the API without any issues. The support team was also very responsive and helpful when we had any questions.”

Business owner of financial institution

“The OneAPIMarketplace has been a lifesaver for our team. With multiple developers working on different projects, having a centralized location for API documentation and testing has made our workflow much more efficient. The ability to generate API keys and monitor usage has also helped us better manage our resources. We couldn’t imagine going back to our old way of working without the OneAPIMarketplace.”

Product Manager of a Fintech

Frequently Asked Questions

One API marketplace is a white-labeled developer portal designed for enterprises that can be brand customized.

Built-in automation and tools make publishing, consuming, collaborating, and governing APIs easy while also managing the ecosystem of developers, product owners, consumers, and partners.
Yes, API pricing plan is subject to change based on various factors, such as modifications to pricing models, the introduction of new features, or adapting to market conditions.
One APIMarketplace pricing consists of two types of plans: SMB plans and enterprise plans. SMB plans are tailored to suit the requirements and financial constraints of small and midsize businesses, while enterprise plans cater to the needs of larger enterprises that have high usage demands.
One APIMarketplace pricing is determined by several factors, such as the type of API, the level of support provided, the number of API calls, the number of developers utilizing the API, and the degree of customization needed.
To choose the right pricing plan on One APIMarketplace, you should consider your usage needs, the number of developers who will be using the API, the level of support you require, and your budget. It is also important to review the terms and conditions of the pricing plan to ensure that it meets your requirements.
Yes, you have the option to change your pricing plan if your business requirements evolve over time. However, there will be an additional migration fee that corresponds to the amount of content being transferred. It is essential to thoroughly examine the terms and conditions of the new plan to confirm that it aligns with your requirements and doesn’t involve any supplementary fees or charges related to the plan alteration. 
It is important to carefully review the terms and conditions of the One APIMarketplace pricing plan to ensure there are no hidden fees or charges. However, we may charge additional fees for customization or support beyond the standard plan features.
Yes, One APIMarketplace offers a free 30-day trial plan. You can sign up for this plan to test out the platform and its features before committing to a paid subscription.
If there is a change in pricing plan or fees, One APIMarketplace will inform its users about it in advance. You must evaluate the updated pricing plan or fees to ensure it aligns with your requirements and assess if any adjustments to your API usage or plan are necessary.

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Monetization Pro


$249 / Month

  • Unlimited API calls / month
  • Setup Tiered Pricing Plans
  • Prepaid / PostPaid Billing
  • Integrated billing and invoicing system
  • Bring your own Payment Gateway
  • No transactional fees for payments
  • Usage Reports and Analytics

Sandbox Pro


$499 / Month

  • Up to one million API calls *
  • Sandbox per API
  • Replicate Production Behaviour in Isolated Environment
  • Supports OAuth2 , API Keys
  • Low code no code platform
  • Centralised Management Plane for Sandboxes

* Just $0.0004 per API Call After Hitting One Million Milestone!

Features Explorer Starter Pro Enterprise
API calls per month Unlimited API calls / month
DigitalAPICraft does not proxy your api calls
Unlimited API calls / month
DigitalAPICraft does not proxy your api calls
Unlimited API calls / month
DigitalAPICraft does not proxy your api calls
Unlimited API calls / month
DigitalAPICraft does not proxy your api calls
API Gateway 1 Connected Gateway
2 Connected Gateway
3 Connected Gateway
3+ Connected Gateway
Service Types REST (OAS) OAS , GraphQL OAS, GraphQL, Async, WSDL OAS, GraphQL, Async, WSDL , RAML
SSO Administrators Administrators and internal roles Administrators ,internal roles and external Users
API Monetization
Open API Sandbox
Branding and UI Customisation Changing logo and accent colour Changing logo and accent colour White-labelled Custom css White-labelled
Custom Domain
API Analytics Developer Analytics All Persona Analytics Advanced Analytics
Multi Language Support
Support Community Support Email Support Email + Chat Support White glove support
Administrators 1 admin 5 admins 10 admins Unlimited