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2022-10-10 05:39:15

Healthcare API & Interoperability: What Do You Need To Know?

Healthcare APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) enable data transfer and communication between information systems. Depending on[....]

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2022-06-01 09:31:03

Why Should The Healthcare Industry Have An API Marketplace?

Healthcare is one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide, as its valuation is expected to reach.[....]

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2022-04-20 12:14:17

Why Are Healthcare Apis The Next Big Thing?

We have observed the rising need across the healthcare sector for developing application programming integrations[....]

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2022-03-06 05:32:14

What Are The Opportunities And Challenges For Healthcare APIs?

With rising demand for data collection and deep analytics in the healthcare industry, healthcare APIs[....]

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2022-02-15 12:30:52

5 Reasons Why Your Organization Needs A Healthcare API

The data of the healthcare industry is of scattered nature which makes its management quite[....]

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2022-01-30 07:10:26

How Does An API First Strategy Benefit Healthcare Companies?

In health industries, there is a huge amount of data regarding patient health, payments, Insurance,[....]

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